Commercial Website Design


Designing and building websites is NOT difficult, in fact relatively easy by comparison to some jobs - but to build good 'value for money websites' does take time, knowledge and a lot of 'desk' effort (Usually around 40 hrs to design and build a really strong 10 to 15 page website with search engines and well placed google ads).

We design and build our websites in such a way that they get excellent GOOGLE rankings without being overly fancy in their design. Google is by far the largest search engine in the world and carries approx. 70% of all search traffic. Search engines use extremely complex mathematical algorithms (also called 'spiders' or 'bots') to rate every single page on a website. A simple way of describing the effect is that a 'score' is then given to the website as a whole and it is this score that is used to give the site it's ranking (or position) using various search terms. By the way, if other website builders tell you that they guarantee to get you on page 1 of GOOGLE, forget them ! There is NEVER a guarantee. It is something that we will definitely NOT guarantee to you as a potential customer.

At this time, please be advised NOT to purchase a website name / address (or URL) at this point. We will advise you on suitable names to choose and do all the registration process for you. If you have already registered a name or have a current website that you wish us to redesign and rebuild we may still be able to obtain good ranking positions.

It's a bit like building a house, to be solid and last a long time you have to get the FOUNDATIONS, WALLS and ROOF, right in the first place. All the 'window dressings' can come at a later stage if that's what you, the customer, wants.


  • What we to spend a lot of our time researching your market.
  • What we advise you of our findings and what we believe is the best way to proceed.
  • What we to spend our time on how best to approach the website build to gain the best result.
  • What we to spend time on designing very simple, uncomplicated websites that deliver solid technical solutions.
  • What we to build solid, well engineered and reliable websites that deliver.
  • What we to provide an excellent copyrighting / proof reading service using the precise English language.
  • What we to provide very simple pricing options.
  • What we to provide a clear and precise transparent accounting system
  • What we to provide your website with reciprocal links to all our affiliates websites

And this.........IS WHAT WE DON'T DO

  • What we don't to use 'gobbledegook techno speak' to try and confuse our customers.
  • What we don't to produce designs that may look great but don't help in getting good search engine rankings.
  • What we don't intentionally confuse people to gain a financial advantage.
  • What we don't do...... is to have charges that don't reflect what customeres actually want from a website.
  • What we don't to have an 'open chequebook' pricing policy.

All general 'off the shelf prices' for our cost effective website builds are fixed. However, we do provide bespoke pricing options for customers that want that little bit more.

Some very good reasons to have a website and to advertise your presence on the web
  • It's the fastest growing medium in communication history!
  • It has the lowest cost of advertising mediums for the market reached.
  • It will promote your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
  • Your website can include a catalogue complete with order form or display the details of your business.
  • Your website pages are easily accessible to people all over the world.
  • Almost everyone that visits your web page will have an interest in your business.
  • Facilitate communication with E-mail and on-line ordering.
  • Unlike other media your website pages can have as much room as you want.
  • Your website will allow your business to remain competitive in an explosive new market.
  • Customer feedback forms can help you shape the future direction of your business.
  • Custom graphics can give your company a unique image.

Some recent COMMERCIAL WEBSITE DESIGN successes using our new and innovative methods................
Is the latest design and build in our growing and successful portfolio.
JETBEAM UK is an online shop selling the entire range of JETBEAM high performance LED torches worldwide. Initially, it was a fairly simple build but the range has grown exponentially due to the rapid growth in sales.
For a relatively small website the success using the chosen search terms of 'SHOP JETBEAM UK' (and other close derivatives) was immensely successful. Within 2 days of publishing on the 28 th March 2011 the google ranking was Page 1 Positions 2, 3 and 4 which is still holding as of today's date. There are more pages and products to be added in the near future and with this additional content we envisage that
any search term using the word JETBEAM will bring up the website on page 1 of google.
UPDATE - JUNE 2011 - As stated above it would only be a matter of time before gaining page 1 status. This occurred in late May and the website is now holding steadily on page 1 posn 8.
A dedicated online shop selling a range of outdoor equipment in Wales. It went live at the end of January 2011.
The primary chosen search term is WELSH OUTDOORS and the secondary search term is WELSH OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT. The google rankings for the search term 'welsh outdoors' is Page 1 pos'ns 1 and 2 (a score of 100) and the secondary search term of 'welsh outdoor equipment' is Page 1 pos'ns 2,3 and 4 (a score of 99).
The site was initially set up as a technical experiment on gaining google rankings.
The ranking positions (using the search terms of
'welsh deer' and 'welsh deer management' is at the top spot of google (Page 1 pos'ns 1, 2, 3, and 4 - A SCORE OF 100 for both search terms)
Due to the excellent ranking position it was decided to have further development with the introduction of a full online shop selling deer management related equipment. FEBRUARY 2011 UPDATE......The successful shop is now up and running and moving forwards with new products being added on a daily basis. It is expected to carry around 1,500 separate lines
Based upon the success of
Welsh Deer it was decided to start another website with the name of ukdeer. This site has been up and running for around since November 2010 and has been steadily climbing the google rankings with the following positions being attained (at time of publishing - 20th Nov 2010). Using the search term 'UK deer management' it ranks at Page 2 Pos'n 2 - A score of 89
It is interesting to note that using the search term 'welsh deer management' it ranks at Page 1 pos'n 4 - A score of 97
The website has been designed to be an 'online portal' for all things relating to high quality deer management in the UK.
UPDATE - MAY 2011 - Due to the continuing success of the website it was decided to include an international shooting, hunting, fishing and stalking forum called simply the UK DEER FORUM. The project involved all the setting up and configuration of the bulletin board. It is early days yet but membership is growing steadily.
This is a relatively small site that I use for a small self catering holiday home letting agency that I started a few years back. It was originally built by another Company and was sat languishing somewhere out of sight and totally oblivious to a GOOGLE search. This was one of our first complete builds and we set about totally redesigning and building from scratch rather than utilising anything of what was there originally. When first published to the web it ranked on Page 1 pos'n 3 for the search term '1st Choice Holiday Accommodation'. The ranking has held steady in this position since 28th Sept 2010.
B and B in Cardigan is a new site to promote Coed Y Bryn B and B in Cardigan. This will be an interesting project as the market in B and B businesses is very competitive. The website is very, very successful and for the chosen search term of 'B AND B IN CARDIGAN' ranks on Page1 Position 4 and holding steady at this position.
A sister site to which will be used to improve rankings and test google search results. Currently, the position using the search term of 'BED AND BREAKFAST IN CARDIGAN' is page 1 position 10 but due to the stiff competition for this search term it occasionally slips to Page 2 Position 1.
A fully bilingual website that was originally used to sell security grilles in West Wales. The business is going to have a full makeover in the near future with the addition to the range of the provision of manned security guards to all sectors.